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New Size

Design Series

Lacquered paint finishing and premium capture system. 

KickTrip FSA

A portable Kick drum. Travel in this possibility.

Tajon Standard

The new standard Tajon has become more compact, lighter and with even better sonority.

Tajon Flip

Plug the pedal and take the maximum of the bass tone with the practicality of a tom and a snare on the upper part, all in one instrument. 

Tajon Master

The instrument that connects the versatility of the traditional Cajon to the sonority of a Drum.

Tajon Bass

The Tajon Bass was developed for those looking for a bass sound and prefers larger inches of ton.

Cajon Horizons

Inspired by the beginning of the Peruvian Cajon history, when the instrument used to be played horizontally. 

Cajon Hybrid

One cajon. Two skins. Two timbres. With the FSA Hybrid series you have a genuine Peruvian Cajon in one side, and, on the other side, you can play Brazilian rhythms with a skin and a snare made of 12 strands of wire. 

FSA Touch

Lacquered paint finishing, premium capture, and touch technology® skins. 

FSA Comfort

Cushioned seat. The show has to continue. 

Cuban Cajon

The Cajon signature Eduardo Espasande, known as the Cuban  Cajon, was developed in the traditional and cultural standards of Cuba and still comes with the special touch of the sound of the FSA Snares.

FSA Elite

Sound quality with premium Double Capture System 

FSA Standard

Sound in the right timbre 

FSA Square

Groove cubed 

FSA Latin

Made of Kapok wood, E.V.A. seat. Sealed skin creating an authentic sound. 

FSA Slim

Small? just in size 

FSA Signature

A series developed by professional musicians.

FSA Gospel

The rhythm of worship 

FSA Gibão

High quality sound. The top of the cajon was developed for musicians who play for several hours in their cajon. More comfort for you to play.


With the sonority similar to a Conga, the Cajonga is light and practical to carry, once the parts t precisely inside one another. 

FSA Limited

Cajon Limited com estampas únicas, qualidade FSA e captação premium.

FSA Teen

Ideal for learning in a size for children from 8 years.


The encouragement of music


Everything to increase your SET. Check out the FSA Cajons accessories

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Partner musicians who lead the FSA in the best studios and stages in the world.

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